Manufacturing and assembly



Solutions for assembling electronic equipment using the most advanced resources, automating processes and seeking maximum reliability at the lowest cost. PISA infrastructure allows small series manufacture from prototypes to large series.The activities that involve the production cycle of electronic equipment are:


  1. Assistance in design and building of prototypes
  2. Procurement and management of materials: printed circuit boards, electronic components, injection plastics
  3. Industrialization Engineering for generating screen displays adhesive paste and digitized data from the product as well as printed circuit boards and plastic injection molds.
  4. Installation of electronic circuits, creation of programs for adhesive or solder paste dispensing machines and machines mounting surface electronic components (SMD)..
  5. Assembly of conventional components and welding by tin paste refusion or by wave soldering machine.
  6. Inspection and validation by developing functional applications and / or through automatic systems for in circuit testing
  7. Protection of circuits by tropicalized resins or molded cases.
  8. Final assembly of equipment, packaging and labeling..
  9. Equipment delivery


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